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Illustrations:  Specify name of piece or requests for $99.99 with shipping and handling costs included. Plus!  Ask to get it send pre-framed at no extra cost!

Web Sight Promotion to 1,100+ search engines & link sights: $40.00

Web Page building and publishing: Now get the Package for $300.00, and never pay monthly fees ever again!!!!! Here are some happy customers with a B-FX designed, published, and promoted web sight!-> Toni's How-To-Videos for Crafting and Floral Design and Myojo Morning-Star Meditation Robes . Get a sight just like the ones you are looking at now. E-mail me from the link below. PORNOGRAPHY OR ILLEGAL MATERIAL IS PROHIBITED!

Main Tools Use, Adobe Photoshop 5, Microsoft Front Page 98, QuarkXPress 4, Adobe Illustrator, Bryce3d, Poser, and Ray Dream Studio, air drying clay, modeling paste,  pencils, paper, and my studio.

Send Check or Money Order to:

Forrest Bass
891 Old Post rd
New Paltz, NY 12561

   E-mail or call me with questions, comments, work needing graphics, or anything else at  the link below. I would be pleased to hear from you! All inquires will be returned ASAP.

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